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Studio Folklore

Hi there! My name is Paola, I am from Colombia and just a few months ago we moved to Madrid after living in Dublin for the last five years. When I was working as a Visual Merchandiser, I decided to start a personal project and build a space that allowed me to be a bit more creative and therefore happy! I've always been crafty, I think I got it from my mum who was always encouraging me to create things from scratch with very simple materials. In school, I was always the one taking care of the decorations for all sorts of small events as well as the one backstage working on the sets for our annual plays. Once I started college my creativity went in a different direction and advertising took most of my time. I learned a lot about design, photography and arts but crafts as a hobby wasn't part of my day-to-day. Sometimes it's just so difficult to make the time to do what you love when other priorities take over. Last year I went back to the basics and started creating with my hands again.

Studio Folklore does not have any upcoming workshops at the moment